Mocap Fx Lab will custom mix any color necessary to meet your production needs. Our skin safe phosphorescent pigments are highly visible on all skin tones and in all lighting conditions. Primarily used with head mount cameras, we work with VFX to ensure you are getting the data you need. From years of experience, we have our favorites, and those colors are our most popular. Featuring our industry renown neon green color "Vampire Vomit" used on AVATAR

MAKEUP ARTISTS We have available a team of highly trained makeup artists skilled at motion capture as well as traditional makeup techniques. Our specialty is catering to the specific needs of high profile actors and film makers. We work fast and clean to ensure you get the results you need. In addition, we can assist with optimal marker placement and facial schematics as well.

TOOLS OF THE TRADE Along with our Custom Facial Marker paints we sell custom designed brushes and tools that aid in precise marker placement and application. When utilized with our team of pro artists, this ensures that even on very busy production days, your actors will be ready for first shot up in record time.

Experienced with ultra high profile talent, we are focused on making sure your actors feels pampered through the production process. We offer products and techniques for quick and gentle product removal. Ensuring your actor's skin remains healthy, clear and free of any abbraision. Also ensuring we make our turn around for the next day.